Meat-MUD Archive


(January 2012) - The 'Meat MUD Classic' developed and run by Matt / Yaddoshi (Ileah of old Meat) for several years has closed down. You can visit its webpage here: Meat MUD Classic

- Andrew (TheJediMaster) has set up a MeatMUD facebook group.

NOW, ABOUT THIS HERE ARCHIVE OF OLD MEAT... For starters you'll find the Meat-MUD homepage as it was in the day. I'm also making available pretty much all the Meat material I have: Quest schedules, logs, archives, stories, etc. It would be cool if I had material from any other immortals to put up here, but I don't, so the contents are just quests I ran myself. My apologies for that.


All material will appear in its own new window when clicked upon. This saves me website maintenance and you the dubious pleasure of frames.

The Meat-MUD homepage - Here's the Meat-Mud homepage presented in its original frameless glory. The guestbook is %90 archived (but you can't add to it anymore), the quest section was already way out-of-date when it was made (and was removed from the real site), and various links have been dimmed out or updated with whatever knowledge I had, especially in the player homepages section. But the rest of it is all as grizzled veterans will remember it.

Bloomer's character profiles - This is the old 'me'/vanity section. Tells you about my characters on Meat and their origins and development, and how I got into the game in the first place.

Quest Dates - When various quests were run and in what order. These are all mine at the moment but as I keep saying, if you're a Meat immortal and you've got any details of your own quests you want to publish here, please call me now. NOW!

Answers to Immortal Trivia! - Were you any good at Immortal Trivia? Now you can become a shoe-in player with information that's more useless than ever.

Wizard of Wor quest log - This is a log of all messages posted during this 1999 quest.

Resident Evil Quest Pack - Starring the instructions and the bad guys.

Peril in Sanctuary Quest Pack - Just add water. With foxy dream sequence, quest story, instructions and the mobs involved. How did Jennifer Jason Leigh inspire me as I made up this quest? Come find out.

Transylvania Quest Pack - The rules for my boardgame-inspired quest plus all the 'playing card' situations players encountered.

Wishbringer Quest Pack - This was my magnum opus quest. You can read the story about Lysette that I circulated in advance, the lengthy tale and rules for the quest, then revisit some of the toughest mobs ever.

I remember that so many players logged in for this quest that they were just hosing down the biggest mobs in seconds, way faster than I'd expected. So I yelled some to Eldred on the immortal channel and he injected all the remaining boss mobs with way more HP. He also revealed he had thought my initial HP ideas for the bosses had been too low, but didn't want to say anything. I like to think he was trying to protect me from my great stupidity. Or at least trying to introduce me to it with tact.

Finally, the amusing player quotes from the quest are here too.

Haiku Competition - All Haiku entered in the Meat October 2000 haiku competition.

I can still add things to this archive. Is there anything else you'd like to see in particular, contribute, or suggest? I'm especially interested in quest material from other immortals. Just email me.

Wade Clarke, bloomer(AT!!!)

--Bloomer Endless Nameless